1 The story she wishes to tell, an abaca weave, a warp and weft of numbers by the time they pass Oras onto M/V Blanket settling finally onto Samar on the way to Balangiga across the strait— Not even her mother’s phone call with only the San Juanico Strait between her and return along the coast toward a historic place wipes the blood. And so in the Pajero, the women give each other—finally, the karaoke.

2. At Ali Mall

3. A decrepit, cramped block of shops

4. Chiara affirms she is the daughter

5. Chiara crafts a movie script

6. Why Samar??!!

7. There is always an alternate story

8. A film with a void at its heart

9. Thrilla in Manila

10. Translations

11. Magsalin, on the other hand, will be wandering

12. What Chiara does not reveal

13. The motif of the postmodern

14. The m.o. of clowns

15. The need to forget

16 The model for the photographer

17. The dossier Magsalin receives

18. In Punta

19. In the last novel by Stephane Real

20. The insoluble puzzle at the heart of the labyrinth


Script 1

21 Everything in the world is doubled

22 Why Samar?!

23 Before the weeping

24 The monsoons of Manila

25 The molting spirals

26 The model for the photographer

27 Elvis is polite and longs for love

28 The secret metastasizing thing

29 The Intended

30 Days of the dead

31 The trail

32 The monstrous idol

33 The portrait

34 How could she know?

35 Sorrow is a weave, a sinuous braid of abaca hemp


Script 2:

21 The photographer at the heart of the script

22 Tristesses

23 Cassandra Chase’s presence in Samar

24 Days of the habagat

25 The ordinary miracle of stereopsis

26 Padre Donato feels the heat

27 Noon

28 What she wants is a sense of a ghost

29 Stereovision

30 Vespers

31 The fabulous portage

32 Casiana Nacionales

33 The keys

34 Breakfast in Balangiga

35 An apotheosis

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