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The following end notes are also found in the back of the book The Unintended. Readers may contribute more paragraphs or links on relevant material, on the Philippine-American war, moviemaking, or any matters that link to the book The Unintended. Please go to Contact to contribute. Note that contributions may be edited.

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Valeriano Abanador
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The statue of Valeriano Abanador, the Chief, or the Hero of Balangiga, remains standing in Balangiga despite the ravages of time, oblivion, and Typhoon Yolanda. 

Featured Note:
Elvis Aaron Presley
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Elvis Aaron Presley, born gorgeous and brooding in Tupelo, had an identical twin, Jesse Garon, who died stillborn. Even The King was marked by loss.


Magsalin went on to publish a brief monograph, “Fragments of Film, Fragments of Transnational Dysphoria: The Troubling World of Desire of Cassandra Chase,” in Structure of Postcolonial Unconscious, Not Really a Langue or a Parole, ed. By Dr. Diwata Drake (White Elephant Press). The progress of her mystery novel is unknown.

Stéphane Réal

Stéphane Réal wrote twelve novels, 7,200 lists, and sixteen manuals on various topics, including swimming, hunting for truffles, and orchid planting. His last book, Two Minutes, condenses the entire seedy French colonial history of an unnamed African country (Algeria? Tunisia?) into the time it takes an assassin to gun down the protagonist, a mystery writer, also named Stéphane Réal. The clues to his death are found in the mystery Stéphane Réal is writing, but he never finishes it because he dies. Coincidentally, Stéphane Réal (the real one) also died before finishing his mystery. Maybe he should have written about winning the lottery.

Chiara Brasi

Chiara Brasi is on location on an island somewhere in the Visayan seas.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is The Greatest. Was he friends with Elvis, The King? He did receive a sequined robe from Elvis Presley in 1974 emblazoned with the words People’s Choice. A misnomer, as Ali was People’s Champ. Ali accepted the gift because, well, it was a $3000 rhinestone bathrobe from Elvis. He wore the robe in his fight against Ken Norton on March 31, 1974—which he lost. He never wore it again, maybe because it was just too damned heavy. T.M.S.—too many sequins. Ali grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, listening to Johnny Cash. Ali is a saint because he refused to go to war when he was drafted for Vietnam. He was a conscientious boxer. (On the other hand, Elvis suited up for the Korean War and admired President Nixon; Elvis was a man of civics and also wanted Nixon to appoint him America’s anti-drugs ambassador.) Ali was absolutely beautiful and made everyone want to be black.

Thrilla in Manila

In the build-up to The Thrilla In Manila, Ali said, “Anybody black who thinks Frazier can whup me is an Uncle Tom.” This made Joe Frazier sad because after all he secretly gave Ali cash during the time Ali made no money because he refused to go to war.

Joe Frazier

After The Thrilla in Manila, Joe “The Gorilla” Frazier never forgave Muhammad Ali. When Ali lit the Olympic torch in 1996, Frazier said, “It would have been a good thing if he would have lit the torch and fallen in. If I had the chance, I would have pushed him in.” In his biography, Frazier said of Ali, “I'll open up the graveyard and bury his ass when the Lord chooses to take him.” But the Lord took Frazier first. Frazier died of liver cancer in 2011. Thankfully for the world, at the moment Ali is still alive. R.I.P, Joe Frazier! You are loved, even though you are quite bitter!


Cubao in Quezon City, Philippines, is at the intersection of the rail trains, the MRT and the LRT, diabolical symbols of private-public partnerships that have ruined the sanity of working people and destroyed their faith in progress. The management of the rail trains is marked by incompetence, blatant graft, and criminal negligence, all of which harass commuters daily; hence traffic hellhole that is Cubao. Used to have good bookstores though.

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