Selected Bibliography

and Other Resources

ROLANDO BORRINAGA was my main source for Balangiga. He is an indefatigable scholar on Samar. RESIL MOJARES's War Against the Americans, on the revolutionary war in Cebu, was also key. 
The New York Public Library Maps Division has a trove of maps from the American period in the Philippines. 

Alfred McCoy's Policing America's Empire has been an excellent source on the colonial counterinsurgency and surveillance tactics of Americans against Filipinos. The book goes a long way to explaining why the Philippine revolution absolutely failed. America's policing tactics were brutal, cunning, thorough.
Ten Months a Captive Among Filipinos is a memoir of an American soldier captured by Aguinaldo's men in Bulacan in 1898 at the start of the Philippine-American war. Albert Sonnichsen was a Danish-American soldier from Oakland, California. His report is well-written, at times sympathetic to Filipinos. Quotidian moments in the text are the most moving, such as a description of a woman cooking bibingka, or the haunting scene of a Filipino mother, a stranger whose own son has been captured by Americans, feeding the imprisoned Sonnichsen. 

The free ebook, Affairs in the Philippine Islands, is a great primary source on the beginnings of American policy in the Philippines. Affairs is the text of the Senate hearings on the Philippines that arose from news of the massacres in Samar of men, women, and children by the U.S. Army. Volume 2 contains the interviews of soldiers who survived the uprising of the people of Balangiga against the Americans.

FOR SCHOOLTEACHERS, this short film on from CUNY's American Social History Project is useful: Savage Acts...: 1898-1904, link here.

Ebay has actually been a great place to find stereo cards on the Philippine-American war. Unfortunately, most of them break your heart.

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