Burning rice is not a good thing. It is a blasphemy against God. The sacredness of rice can be seen in the numerous terms used to denote it. Just as there are a hundred names for God, the terms for rice include: sapaw (budding of rice grains on the stalk), tukol (overripe rice grains not harvested), ipa (chaff of rice grains), kumag (fine powder sticking to polished rice), umok (small worm found in rice), tahip (the shaking of grains to remove husks or chaff), palay (unhusked, freshly harvested rice), bugas (uncooked but husked and polished rice), kan-on (cooked and boiled rice), am (broth made from boiled rice), goto (rice porridge with meat), suam (rice porridge with fish), bahog (random broth mixed with rice), apa (wafer made of rice), busa (popped rice), ampaw (sweet puffed rice), malagkit (sticky rice), kata (rice bubbling as it starts to boil), saing (boiling rice), bahaw (leftover rice), tukag (burnt rice left at bottom of pot). There is no word for deliberately burned rice.

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