COLT .38

The Colt .38 was useless against the magical people of Samar. Here’s a blow by blow account by a sharp critic of that terrible, useless shambles of a machine, the Colt .38, in “One of the most graphic references about lack of stopping power comes from Colonel Louis A. LaGarde, M.D. in his classic text, Gunshot Injuries, published in 1916:

Antonio Caspi a prisoner on the Island of Samar, P.I. attempted to escape on Oct. 26, 1905. He was shot four times at close range in a hand-to-hand encounter by a .38 Colt's revolver loaded with U.S. Army regulation ammunition... 1. Bullet entered chest near right nipple, passed upward, backwards bla bla bla. 2. Bullet entered chest through left nipple, passed upwards, backwards and bla bla bla. 3. Bullet entered chest near left shoulder, passing downwards bla bla bla. 4. Bullet entered through palm of left hand and passed through subcutaneous tissues and escaped through bla bla bla. Treated at military hospital, Borongan, Samar. Turned over to civil authorities cured, Nov. 23, 1905. This exacting, clinical description by Col. LaGarde, is chilling in its implicit condemnation of the .38 Colt.”

Bolded emphasis mine. Oh my God, the man survived! What a waste of a gun!

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