Military Order of the Carabao is not a joke. For one thing, it is on Wikipedia and, two, it has its own web page, In 1900, at the Army-Navy Club in Manila, the Military Order of the Carabao was founded by noble drunks, I mean warriors, lampooning that snobby bunch, the Order of the Dragon, snooty officers who survived the Boxer Rebellion. However, “as with most jests, it contained a serious ingredient which gradually eclipsed the initial joke.” The Military Order of the Carabao still exists. It “came to epitomize the camaraderie that grows among members of the armed forces who face the dangers and privations of extensive military service far from home.” You can even apply for membership now. You could be Veteran Carabao, for those who served in the Philippines between May 1, 1898, and July 4, 1913, or between December 6, 1941, and July 4, 1946. Or you could be Expedicionario Carabao, for “those who served overseas in support of an officially recognized military campaign, such as Operation Desert Storm, et cetera.” They even have Grand Paramount Carabao, the grand Pooh-Beah of all carabaos! Oh those days of dopey dreams, so far yet so near!

#carabao #Krag #drunks

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