Muhammad Ali is The Greatest. Was he friends with The King? He did receive a sequined robe from Elvis Presley in 1974 emblazoned with the words People’s Choice. A misnomer, as Ali was People’s Champ. Ali accepted the gift because, well, it was a $3000 rhinestone bathrobe from Elvis. He wore the robe in his fight against Ken Norton on March 31, 1974—which he lost. He never wore it again. It was just too damned heavy. T.M.S.—too many sequins. Ali grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, listening to Johnny Cash. Ali is a saint because he refused to go to war when he was drafted for Vietnam. He was a conscientious boxer. (On the other hand, Elvis suited up for the Korean War and admired President Nixon; Elvis was a man of civics and also wanted Nixon to appoint him America’s anti-drugs ambassador.) Ali was absolutely beautiful and made everyone want to be black.

#Ali #Cubao #Elvis #Frazier #Gusthepolarbear #spectacle #theft

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