"You have devastated provinces, you have slain uncounted thousands of people you desire to benefit." 

Senator George Frisbie Hoar, Speech to the U.S. Senate, on America's war in the Philippines, May 1902

The insoluble puzzle at the heart of the labyrinth, the secret within the secret, the story that wishes to be told, is not Magsalin's to bemoan. That is up to the dead man's kin.



Civilize 'Em With a Krag


In the days of dopey dreams—Happy peaceful Philippines!

When the bolomen were busy

All night long!

When ladrones would steal and lie

And Americanos die,

You heard the soldiers sing this

Evening song!

Damn damn damn the insurrectos.

Cross-eyed kakiac ladrones!

Underneath the starry flag,

Civlize them with a Krag

And return us to our own

Beloved homes!


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